Sissel Vera Pettersen


Sissel Vera Pettersen: voice, live electronics
Randi Pontoppidan: voice, live electronics

Lift is an experimental, improvising and imaginative mini-ensemble, 

The two women share a common yearning to explore the multitude of timbral resources of the human voice and to engender a musical space without any recourse to any other musical instruments. 

The use of loop machines and the live manipulation of the voice contribute to the result that the soundscapes vary from the entirely near and intimately acoustic to a world of ambient sounds and hypnotic beats. 

The duo’s repertoire consists of original compositions and free improvisation.

Inspiration comes from many different streams of influence: pygmy-songs, noise, joik, vocalise, human beat-box, Scandinavian hymns, jazz and the whole cache of everyday songs we have around us, which we might not always be listening to …. 

Lift`s highly original sound have led to collaborations with dancers, performers and video artists such as Morten Carlsen, Stuart Lynch and Bo Madvig. Lift is also touring extensively in Norwegian and Danish schools with Rikskonsertene.