Sissel Vera Pettersen

Sissel Vera / Nikolaj Hess

Sissel Vera Pettersen – vocal/ saxes/ percussion/ live electronics
Nikolaj Hess – piano / percussion/effects

This duos repertoire varies from free improvs to original compositions and covers. ?The differences between the traditional soloist and accompanist is erased, creating a greater space for musical creativity, always focusing on spontaneity, playfulness and telepathic interaction. Jazz, folk, freeform, African beats, Indian ragas, corals and ambient electronica are just a few of the sources of inspiration, which all boil down to the essence: the art of improvisation.

?The two albums “By this River”(2006) and ”A Word”(2009) was released to stunning international reviewes, and were both nominated for a Danish Grammy.

”Wonderful spontaneous improvising, telepathic musical communication and inner strength. Fantastic delivery”, Musica, Greece

“Songs that draw you into a reverie like the best lullabies and folk tales. So subtle and open, the notes gently fall over each other like the ripples at the edge of a lake.”?Cyclic Defrost Magazine- Australia??”Daring, naked and concentrated.
– even the air between the words are loaded with meaning”, Information, DK

“Unrivalled interplay – a coherent organic, almost hypnotic album.
– Very, very beautiful.”,Gaffa, DK